2021 Nuc Reservation

2021 nuc reservation. Select your Pickup location, Queen preference, and enter Quantity of nucs to reserve. (‘Add to Cart’ button will appear after making selections).

We have nucs with either Carniolan or Italian queens. We will try our best to accommodate your desired queen preference. If ordering multiple nucs and you would like some with one type and others with the other type, please choose “Even Split 50/50”.

This is a no-cost reservation. 2021 price is $150 due at time of pickup in cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Deposit not required except if reserving 25 nucs or more. Please contact us to coordinate orders of 25 or more nucs.

For full description, estimated schedule, and pickup locations, please read in the Description below.





5 frame Nuc will consist of 3 frames of all stages of brood and fourth and fifth frame with honey, pollen, and bees. No introduction of a queen since she is already laying eggs and has capped brood.These nucs have more bees and potential than a package (up to 6 weeks ahead) Each nuc is evaluated individually

The combs you will be getting have never been exposed to antibiotics. Mite treatments only when necessary

-Queens will be grafted from our stock (mostly old-world WSU and Glenn background genetics).We select for honey production, gentleness, disease resistance, and low swarm tendency.

-Italian and Carniolan available.

-Bees survive well in our dry summers and cold winters.

-Queens are never banked but are born into the nuc and evaluated after mating. Queens will be allowed to lay 3 weeks or better and all of her brood will be evaluated. She will need to have 3+ frames of excellent brood pattern to pass our standard.

– Nucs are less likely to supersede their queen compared to a 3lb package. She is already a proven functioning part of the new hive.

-Nucs build up bee populations faster increasing your chances of a bigger honey crop!

-All customers are welcome to check nucs before purchase.

– Nucs come in a non-returnable box.

-Please note these are DEEP (9.5/8) nucs.

Price: $150 with Cardboard box
No deposit required, except if ordering 25 or more (Please contact us to discuss)
Available Mid April

FREE delivery to Wenatchee, Bozeman, and Missoula mid-to-end of April.

Approximate Current Scheduled Pickup Locations:

Wenatchee: April 17th @ 9am

Spokane: April 23th & 24th afternoon

Missoula: May 7th

Bozeman/Butte: May 8th

Specific Location and dates/times will be sent out as we get closer.


Pickup Location

MT-Bozeman, MT-Missoula, WA-Spokane, WA-Wenatchee

Queen Preference

No Preference, Italian, Carniolan, Even Split 50/50

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